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Miniature Mediterranean Donkeys for Sale 

Miniature donkeys are easy to raise and make wonderful companions. We have been miniature donkey breeders for  many years  and hope you enjoy learning about these little donkeys .  We have lots of photos on our miniature donkeys for sale page.  If you have any questions just give us a call. Thanks ---Jesse and Kay Patterson!

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Will my miniature donkey do well in our climate? 

We encounter this question all the time. Miniature donkeys are very hardy. Our miniature donkey farm is in Texas. Miniature donkeys do well in all the sunshine states, such as New Mexico, Oklahoma, California, Florida, and Arizona. Miniature donkeys also do well in more humid climates such as Louisiana, Georgia, Alabama, and Mississippi. Miniature Donkeys also do well in Tennessee, North Carolina, Kentucky. Other states such as Washington, Oregon, Nevada, Idaho, and California are excellent miniature donkey climates. Even in the colder climates of the United States like the New England area, Massachusetts, New York, New Hampshire, these little mini donkeys thrive. Even in other countries like Canada, Mexico, Germany have wonderful miniature donkeys. Lets face it Miniature Donkeys do well anywhere that the owner provides them good shelter and care.

We breed, sell, and raise mini donkeys. We have miniature donkeys for sale, that make wonderful pets, and are show ring winner quality.

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  All Creatures small Farm is close to you.

Stephenville , Texas where our mini donkey farm is located , is a short drive from cities like Weatherford, Granbury, Mineral Wells, Glen Rose, Cleburne, Brownwood , and Hico. Our miniature donkey farm is about an hour to an hour and a half South West of Ft. Worth and Dallas.

Waco is about an hour and a half drive South East of our mini donkey farm. Abilene is two hours West ....Austin is two and a half hours South of Stephenville... San Antonio is three hours South of our mini farm. ...Houston is five hours South East. Odessa Midland about 3 and a half hours West of our miniature donkey farm ...El Paso is West from our miniature donkey farm.

Every year a number of interesting folks from our neighbor states of New Mexico, Oklahoma, Arkansas, Louisiana La., Arizona, New York make a day trip or a fun weekend to visit our mini donkey farm. We are lucky to have the Dallas Ft Worth airport only an hour and a half away. The airport connects our mini donkey farm with almost anyone who would want to visit. (  Los Angles ,LAX is about a 3 hour flight...Boston , Logan is about a four hour flight... England, France , Ireland, Holland  a short quarantine and a flight away...and so on.)

If you don't actually have the time to visit our miniature donkey farm....let us send you photos and information about the mini donkeys we have for sale. Over the years we have used a number of shippers , who will carefully transport your miniature donkey from our front door to yours. If you want mini donkeys, we can find a good way to get them to you.

We have a number of mini donkey photos and helpful information on the following pages. The mini donkey family Album page shows you many a happy family with their mini donkeys.  Also how the mini donkey is with horses and dogs and cats. We hope you enjoy looking. Talk to you later.


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