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    Welcome.........All of our mini donkeys have their basic vaccinations.  All of our miniature donkeys are registered ....most with pedigrees that reach back to the original Mediterranean imports in 1928.  In our pedigrees you will find Impheus the first mini jack used to breed with in the United States.  You will also find Little Sardine, Little Rachel ,  Benita , Tattu las Mundas, and others from the first eighteen imported.  Then, at our farm ,we have our own fine friend and historic  fellow LCR Valintino 53rd.
    When our little ones leave you will have shots records ,  a halter, wormed , hooves trimmed, and know how to care for your mini donkeys.  Then of course we are always around to answer questions.  We have been miniature donkey breeders for twenty plus years.
      Mini donkeys are being born now!!! I may not have taken their photo yet. I may have taken their photos and be looking for my notes on how to put their newborn photos on the web page.  Many times I have not sent in their official paper work and their registered name may still be able to be changed. Contact us if you do not see what you want.  We Do give nice discounts when you buy more than one mini donkey.  They do need a buddy.    Enjoy looking!


         Thinking of a miniature donkey baby . We have three little 2015 newborns and one pregnant jennet in the maternity ward .  And more jennet Moms will be giving birth to their  foals for  2015. Below we have photos and information on the babies that have already arrived this year.  Miniature donkey baby foals are so much fun. See the for sale information on miniature donkey babies  below . We are sure you will find a baby to be a companion or become a breeding jennet or herd sire for your mini donkey farm.  

   We have shipped all over the United States and a number of other countries.  

   As you will see from our  mini donkey photographs all our little donkeys are friendly, tame, and sweet.  Take time to   look at our Family Album Page.  You will see how our little mini donkeys are with children , horses ,and all sorts of friends.                                                                                                                                                        


                  JKP  Jockamo


                                      born May 2 , 2015

                                Jack( boy)

                           21  inches at birth

                         Dam ( Mom)  JKP  Peach

                            32 and 1/2 inches  gray

                        Sire (Dad)     JKP   Latte

                            33 inches   dark brown /black




                             Jockamo and Mom


      A nice photo of Jockamo's handsome dad Latte.



    Jockamo is a smart little boy. He  loves attention.  He is registered and pedigreed, back to the first imports from Sardinia. He will be a fine friend and a very handsome sire. 



              Jkp   Gracie

                  Birth  july 4 ,2015

                     JENNET (little girl)  brown/black

                     Dam ( M0m)   JKP Marcelita

                     lovely rich brown  32 inches

                     SIRE ( dad)   Latte 

                      brown/black 33 inches  





   Gracie is a cute little girl .  Lots of personality, loves to jump and play .  She is registered and historically pedigreed. Gracie is a half sister to Jockamo.

           cost $1500.    


      JKP  Chelsea

                 Birth  February 4,2015

                     JENNET (little girl)  gray

                       21  inches  at birth

              Dam ( M0m)    JKP  Nigella

                     31 1/2 inches  gray

                      SIRE ( dad)   JKP  Nitro

              31 and 1/2 inches ,   brow 


       Chelsea is so sweet and calm with children                         



                                                       Zoey had a nice play day with Chelsea



      Chelsea enjoys attention from her Mom.  

                  She loves attention.

      She will make a wonderful addition to your family

                   Chelsea will cost $1500


                     JKP  Hadon

                 Birth  May 17,2015

                     Jack (boy)  gray with a white star

                       22  inches  at birth

              Dam ( M0m)    JKP Clara

                     32 inches  gray

                      SIRE ( dad)   Latte 

                     33 inches ,   brow/black 






  Hadon has such a neat face.  He would make a wonderful , friend and family member.  He is good friends with Jockamo.  He is registered and pedigreed.

          cost :   $900


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Hope you enjoy becoming a miniature donkey breeder or have them just simply for friends.

  If you are looking for  Maryland bowtie, Albuquerque - dreamer-Dallas -Abilene-Ms-Hillsboro-Honey, Killeen-Denver-Phoenix-New York Lady, Corrales, Boomer went to- Arkansas, Rhode Island  Red, Dallas, Bella ,Kid Spicewood, Australia Son,-Arizona ,Twilight, DC ,Westminster Ribbon- Santa Fe, Amarillo Sunshine , Miss Oklahoma City-Knoxville Kate, Pittsburgh Pete, Sandy Park boy, Santos, Sweet Clovis, Logan, Utah, Will, Ms. Tyler, Corky ,Austin Star,  Ma boy, San Antonio Rose, Paris  Hilton, Austin, Arizona Flats, Connecticut Winner Alexandria,  Dahlea has a new home in France, Cody and Merlin have won many titles in England  , Dorje of Brazil, Odessa Dude, Arizona went to Hereford -Roswell Beauty , Misty, Mr. Hobbs, Bastrop Slinger,  Duke England and Plano , Los Alamos, Eubanks -Florida Flower, Ireland Mist , Quint , Marcelina, Oklahoma Sun- Espanola ,Prosper Murr , Minnie- Minnesota, Quil moved to Santa Fe,  Raider is going to Lubbock ,GiGi and Nigel are going to San Miguel Allende, Mr. Frisco, Azle, Tupelo, Weatherford -Boy -Fredericksburg- and Edgewood Spirit , Hamilton-New York Sally, Lenah- Oklahoma-City-Sweetie, Placitas they are sold....... don't be unhappy we have more little mini donkeys to be born.  Thanks for your interest.

             Jenny gave birth to Tresor in Paris, France .  Congratulations!